Fashion Special: Big Narstie & Chip

The first in our six part fashion special, we explore how the cushioned sole made it into our hearts (and souls).  

PlanetNotion: In your opinion, what has been the best trainer ever made?
Big Narstie: I’ve got two. I’d say, Nike Air Huaraches and Air Forces. Huaraches feel like your feet are just in a nice pair of slippers and they are fat people’s trainers. You can just relax your foot in there, no laces. Air Forces because I never liked wearing school shoes, I just used to wear black Air Forces.

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Lonsdales are nice, I like them. People think because you get them from Sports Direct they’re trampish, but they are nice. I have to wear Nikes because I don’t have any treads. I’ve got pattie foot. My foot is just shaped like a Jamaican pattie. I need a shoe that can sustain me.
I was really spoilt when it came to trainers. I had Jordans before a lot of people even wore Jordans. I didn’t really appreciate them until I was like, 15. Before that, I was just happy in my LA Gear. I was just happy to walk and see my feet flash. When air bubbles came out, that was a whole new thing. To have an air bubble in your trainers meant you were somebody. [Laughs]

PN: In your opinion, what are the worst trainers a girl can wear?
BN: A jezzie trainer?  I’d have to say Vans, or you could say 95’s [Nike Air Max]. Those types of trainers, man.

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London rapper/ songwriter Chip (formally known as Chipmunk) is firmly on Team Fitted!


PlanetNotion: In your opinion, what are the best trainers ever made?
Chip:  Hmm… I currently have a thing for Jordans. I love the fact that they stemmed from a sportsman.

PN: Being back and forth to the US quite a lot these days, are there any styles or trends you have spotted over there?
C: In comparison I’d say the UK is up to date with fashion. I don’t think the over sized clothes will ever catch on over here. If it was going to, it would have already. Team fitted!